Thursday, January 8, 2015

Heuristic Options Fortimail

When using  Heuristic Filtering options within your AS policies, keep in mind that the  total score after computation, will determine if the messages is classified as SPAM.

When email messages are matched as spam, you will find the similar messages in your logs;

"Message    Detected by Heuristic check. Score 3.934000"

The action taken based on the AS profile will be your default or specified action.

When you have a match, your log will show something similar.

Monitor your email delivery and logs for possible false-positives. Be cautious on how you use heuristic checks in your AS policies.

It's sometime wise to use a specific  AS policies for  specific users email_address like ; sales/info/ , and adjust the AS profile and heuristic thresholds as required

Here's some more FortiMail tips from socpuppets;

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