Friday, January 16, 2015

A follow up on MACOSX HFS and case sensitive

I did a test with a diskimage  that was  set for case sensitive and here's some screenshots. Why the default disk is case insensitive is strange and I never really knew this until my shell script testing issue.

This could generate problems if you had a tarball with files with  the same name but different lettercase extracted into the same directory.

And to show possible file extraction issues  ( tarball ) &  if you had files in a tar/rar with similar names but different cases.

1st I took the files from the case-sensitive volume and created a tarball, we copy the tarball to a case-insensitive volume which has a directory named "jim".  Watch the outcome when I extract  the files from  the tarball.

The extracted  tarball trump my  existing directory and the other four files where not included. Just be aware of this.

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