Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Mounting vmdk on Macosx with paragon

One of my  cloud partners & I was talking with in the past & about mounting qcow & vmdk format virtual disks on MACOSX  and we where not aware of any tool that allows for such activity. Will guess what?  " we have one now "

A tool has been release that allows the mounting of  other  virtual disks formats also.  I will demonstrate  vmdk  disk mounter  using paragon.

1st paragon is free , but you have to get a registration & product key. This take a few seconds do and they send the  key via email.

my key

PRODUCT KEY:   VMDK-MOUNTER-2014-434979472
SERIAL NUMBER: 51537-43450-1B2D9-8213A

After you run thru the installer and it can take some time, you can now  execute the application. My 1st try at this software generated a mount_error. I never figured out why,  and the  vmdk in question works perfectly fine on the vmserver that hosts this image.

Now after you select a vmdk file, you can mount the  vm-disk and it will show up into diskutilmount  and df details.

A puppylinux vdi  image also gave errors;

Other vdi images gave errors also so I'm still investigating and WTF.

For now, the qcow format diskimage will have to wait. I've sent two email requesting more information from them and they have never responded for my request.

Fax: 1-888-240-8993
E-mail: sales@paragon-software.com

Corporate Sales/OEM/Partners
Phone: 1-888-347-5462 (1-888-DISK-IMAGE)
Fax: 1-888-240-8993

Corporate: enterprise-sales@paragon-software.com
OEM: development@paragon-software.com
Partners: partners@paragon-software.com

This tool is great for security analysis & forensic. You can mount these vm disk images  RO using the cli  option  -readonly


vdmutil  -verbose -vendor vmdk -readonly  <image name >

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