Sunday, January 11, 2015

Fun with creating a strong but yet easy to remember password

While working with a sysadmin back in the mid 2000s, I learned  a simple method for crafting  a non-dictionary based password,  but yet simple & effective to remember. It's called the  "up and to the right " . Take a typical keyboard layout.

A password like xmldjuhs would be presented as the following of if we execute up and to the right by 1 startegy it would look something like this;

Or simply  as  d k p r i 8 u e  .  Up and to the right by  2 times would become   f l [  t o 9 i r.

You can now take a simple word or phrase  and do a simple shift by  1 or 2 and prefix a string and have a strong non-dictionary based password. So using my example, we could take the word xmldjuhs and  pre-pend maybe # to the string and use the  up  & to the right by one.

d k p r i 8 u e

Here's another example. The Phrases !Soc Puppets# ( intentional space between Soc and Puppets ) becomes !E0F _8--46e# . If  we had conducted  up and to t he right by 2,   the output would  have been !R-g +9==57r#

Just another  simple means for password strength enhancements. Please follow my password suggestions for stronger passwords.

The above link provides guidance to prevent dictionary & brute-force based attacks. With enough time and passwords technically can be brute-forced if you had enough time and processing power.

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