Monday, January 5, 2015

Get in Sync with bitorrent sync

In this blog I wanted to comment on my evaluations of the bitorrent sync application. When we heard the words "torrent", we automatically start to think of bad things. In reality, bitTorrent is used for very good purposes from;  cloud/p2p a syncing, building a dead drop,  for linux distribution deliveries, and legal content deliveries. It's a very effective protocol for data delivery & very fast.

Basically this all started with me looking for a free or opensourced  sync alternative verse  the common unix rsync. My goals was a encrypted sync program , & to sync a few directory  between a few hosts. I wanted a way to keep my music files sync between a few handful of devices. At the same time, it needed to be so simple that my parents could figure it out.

I end up using the bitorrent sync application due to ease , simplicity & the availability across a multiple of platforms.

The applications  has various methods for controlling keys and the uses of external relay servers. The mobile application has power-savings and auto-sync setting.

( android )

The sync program gives simple status updates when a sync operation is underway. Any changes within the files in the  added-sync folder,  will kick-off a syncing event between peers with the same key.

The following link explains how this program works and about the key structure.

BitTorrent is not a bad thing & if used correctly.

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