Monday, January 19, 2015

pfSense configuration management

Here we will look at a few config management tips. 1st off the pfSense firewall allows for you to make backups that are Encrypted or none-Encrypted. This  really helps if you want to share or redeploy the configuration xml file between units.

WebGui   diagnostic >backup/restore

The file is encrypted using a user provided password. Here's an output of  encrypted file;

NOTE: the file extension is stills a  "xml",  but the data between  BEGIN config.xml and END config.xml is now encrypted.

The pfSense also has the ability to preform configuration diffs from the WebGUI. Most modern firewalls don't even offer this capability outside of JuniperSRX and PaloAlto-NETWORKS PAs
( show conf | compare rollback    or     show config diff   respectively )

( sample diff screen )

So you have a few tricks for cfg management and storage and diff.

Ken Felix
NSE ( Network Security Expert) and Route/Switching Engineer.
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