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About Ken Felix


My name is Ken Felix and I’m a network & security engineer working  as a independent consultant.  My work with  involves a mix or vendors,  but mainly deals with ciso, juniper  and fortinet in the security/network sector.  I 'm consulting with  various  ServiceProviders and Telco operations in EU/USA/AFRICA and operating  within the security cloud services  within  the USA for various AWS instances. I've stated writing my tips/tricks learned over the last 20+years and recently started placing these on my google blogspot.

My prime talent deals with security & vpn concepts and routing using IOS or IOS-XR.  My love stated with ip-internet  since my  introduction to the internet and ip services while working in the USAF in the mid 90s  and then later Worldcom.

I've also worked directly or indirectly with the following  business

WorldWide Technology
IBM global Networks
IBM advantis
Southwestern Bell
Host dot Net /Broadband One
Various AWS end-users

As I said, I’m a network &  security engineer  who happens to works in the SMB , Enterprise and Carrier sectors. My experiences can be summed up to the following.
  • Fiber optics solutions
  • SMB, Branch, Campus, and Data Center Routing and Switching
  • Carrier and Backbone routing
  • Mail Security Solutions
  • SIP trunk and Proxy
  • vData Center & Cloud Solutions
  • End  Host  & Network Security 
  • SDN approach & concepts
As you read my posts, I urge you to comment , provide feedback & suggestions. I wish to  share information and always open to new ideals, solutions  and corrections.

 A few great persons  & talent that I've encounter over the years  that I would like to  mention;

Sidney Adeniyi
Marcus Walsco
Ton Lee
Mario Salvador
K Dervin
Rory Case

Personal interest & hobbies;

Medium/Large BW pinhole photography
Hunting fishing
Bicycle and Automoto repair
HAM radio  HF operations
1st & 2nd amendment  advocate and less gov infringement

Ken Felix
kfelix a-t
Kelix @

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