Wednesday, January 7, 2015

The lack of security in the internet by security engineers

Here's a post rant of just the crap  that makes the internet so bad and suspect. Here's a snmpget on a edge facing firewall. The engineers and firewalls are from  huawei btw.

The above is installed in a production celluar data provider network. Just, $sad$ in so many ways.

Even the numerous huawei  security notices tells you  to watch out & restrict snmp access.|CO0000000170

Looking at the above security anonoucement , I can conclude that this firewall is;

1: probably at risk
2: not running the latest code  from huawei
3: should never have  ReadWrite Access via a community string of "private"  ( yes  RW was set for private, RO = public no restrictions )
4: much less open to the untrusted internet on a public interface
5: uses  some very weak logins 

So without trying this is what I gathered from a snmpwalk using the RW community of "private".

reference for mibs

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