Saturday, January 10, 2015

bzip2 vrs xz ( Should we be using it for day to day functions ? )

In this post, I will show a simple demonstration with  bzip2 vrs xz.

As you should know, the bzip2 compression libs typically achieves a higher compression ratios for the same data vrs other popular known compression utilities. In this case, my test file named "bigfile.txt" was compressed with bzip2 and then xz . I took a md5 hash of the original data file to show you that nothing has changed and it's the exact same file

Please enjoy !

The Compression bake-off  ( bzip2 vrs xz  )

note that xz was 2x+ plus more in time for total operation but it gained far more compression.

For S@#t and Grins, I threw in gzip so you can see the total compression values gained.

Now I'm not advocating that  everybody should run out and  start using  xz in all cases, " but a penny saved,  is a penny earned". If you take the above file and let's say you have 1000s of these files on a longtime storage archive/media. And then you wanted to save precious disk space, xz will go a long way with saving disk space.

These two pictures shows you the final word the choice is up to you.

( space savings )

( total system time for compressing )

Compression should be look at with the following thoughts;

  •  time to compress
  •  final compression ratio
  •  total memory  consumptions
  •  will data be at rest or in motion ( storage & bandwidth savings  and calculations )
We've have came a long way from  pkzip and stacker compression ;)

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