Wednesday, January 14, 2015

ASA IPS modules reloads 7.3.2 E4

After  my 9.3.2 upgrade I 've notice even more IPS modules reloads in my syslog logging.

The IPS-SSP_20-K9-7.3-2-E4.pkg was upgrade a  few months back and  we are seeing  reloads for this SSP20 module on a regular basis and at almost the same time or hour of the day.

So this is not good. I'm not using the IPS module but I do expect it to stay stable. Cisco hasn't really been to creative with placing code out for this module and the IPS is at best inferior to almost all other dedicate IPS appliances

So at best I can do one of the following;

1: downgrade to  7.3.1 E4  ( oops  cisco doesn't even have that option only one  package exist  )

2: reload  7.3.2.E4

For the time being, I'm shutting down that module to see what happens.

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