Monday, January 5, 2015

Fortigate switch controller

The following models of Fortigates firewalls support a integral vlan switch controller.

FortiGate100D/140D/200D/240D FortiGate600C/800C/1000C

What this means, " you can now group ports into a virtual switch ( layer2 partition ) and assigned a layer3 routed interface within the vlan ".

The above models have numerous local ports that facilitates this with ease. So you can create multiple vlans and groups ports within that vlan.

In this example, we will create 3 named vlans , apply our ports, and a virtual-switch-interfaces into each  defined vlan. The latter gives us our layer3 routing gateway for the vlan.

1st let's define a  managed vlan admin;

config switch-controller managed-switch
    edit FS324P3W11000634
    set fsw-wan1-admin enable

2nd   define the named vlans ( here's our 3 named vlans; main/DATA/PHONES ) ;

3rd   define the ports to the vlan mapping;

And lastly, we place some layer3 SVI interfaces into the vlans;

This is very similar to some cisco ASA, Juniper SRX and PaloAltos. The layer3 interfaces can now be used from everything such as packet sniffer, assigned dhcp-servers, vpn end-points and firewall policies applied.

The ports on the PoE models, can be used for phones,  but keep track of total instrument  wattage usage.


  • interfaces in  the same vlan can communicate, there's no layer2 security-zone concept as what's is available in PaloAlto
  • traffic between vlans, need a L3  SVI and firewall policies
  • vlan contains  broadcast and builds collision domains
  • a limited  fortigate models supports  vlans

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