Sunday, June 16, 2013

Fortimail Tips & Tricks

Here's a few tips that I would like to share about the Fortimail Appliance;

1st  If you want to clear all mail statistics , you can easily conduct this operation from the cmd line;

You can also write them out to a file b4 execution of the clearing.
NOTE :  I don't know of any way to download the statistics off the  unit directory after doing this

2nd Have you ever had stale greylisting  entries in the display , and new ones are not populating? Will you can  clear the greylist database from the cli.


The FortiMail appliance allows you to download the logs from the gui, you can use these logs via scripts to manipulate collection of details such as; client_ip; dispositions;etc...


Remember you can write layer3  ACLs to block by address for receive or outgoing;

This way, you don't have to wait for your firewall team to block anything for you :)


For Secured SMTP you need to check the following box.

Lastly, when updating software, always  backup the cfg. I've seen problems where rules where lost during a OS update

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