Thursday, June 27, 2013

I passed my Fortinet mail exam FCESP

This by far has been my hardest IT/exam ever , and much harder than the other  Fortinet exams that  I have taken over the course of 5 years. FCESP has straight forward questions  & on just  about everything you can imagine.

Unlike cisco certifications exams, the exam challenges you with both technical  questions and know how. They don't have silly  question such as;
  • what's cisco stance is.....
  • what's the methodology of.......
  • etc...

 The question ( 45 total ) are dealing with the FortiMAIL  unit  to include;  the operation, function and diagnostics capabilities.

I glad it's over, and  after my  1st miserable fail,  I'm just  glad I passed it & almost 2 years later.
( FCESP attempts )

The funny thing about this exam;

1: A FortiMail class is not going to help you at all ( so don't think you can pass, just by taking a class )
2: you will need  actually time deploying and managing these units
3: a lot of transparent-mode questions ( so get prepared )
4: same with almost all other parameters including  ldap,acl, recipient +ip based policies
5: no simple SMTP questions ( no give-me )
6: my exam was filled with a lot of things I 've never done or even knew  about ( :)  )
7: it's challenging
8: I thought I did much better, but the results showed otherwise

Good luck if you ever attempt to take this exam.

fwiw: The exam I took will be replaced in the near future per my email dialog with  Fortinet Certifications

e.g ( snapshot of  a response from Fortinet )

So if I want to get certified  for 5.0, I will have to take another exam.  I don't know how much harder it would be but ..... Boy I can't wait!


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