Tuesday, June 11, 2013

CDN and ipv6

Content Delivery Network providers have been slow  in providing  content for ipv6 clients, but the growth is moving forward.

Take this link  http://www.akamai.com/ipv6/

This is akamai tracking of ipv6 content delivery. What you will find  interesting, the number are  moving at a snail's pace.

A few reasons as to why;

  • lacking of knowledge in the enterprise sector
  • lack of any customers demanding it
  •  security  awareness for WAF/PROXIES/FILTER/SSL-INSPECTION is hit or miss
  • lack of DDoS mitigation service providers 
  • overall budgets in  our tight economy for transition to ipv6 is small
All of these are  factors , stuns the movement to provide content for the ipv6 segment. Take my  dayjob, we have connection to the ipv6  backbone , but as of this date; " we do not have one  public facing  server on the ipv6 network".

Same things goes  in that we are a mitigation  company, but we  really can't mitigate anything as far as ipv6 traffic goes.

 look at  how many host based AV/Malware software that supports ipv6? ( very few )

So all of these factors are major reasons as to why content on the ipv6 network is at a crawl. Here's a listed on CDN providers that are ipv6 awared;


here's some good links to learn more about  these ipv6 CDN providers


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