Thursday, July 23, 2015

NXOS and unsupported transceivers

In this post we will look at a copper SFP-T transceiver ( non cisco ) and enabling it for use on a NX3548 series switch.

Like with most other cisco devices, you can use  non-cisco compliant  SFP transceivers under the Nexus OS. Cisco frowns on this, but have made exceptions for the use of these devices within various cisco hardware. Here's the copper transceiver that was enabled for the nexus 1U switch.

Now when you install this as-is, the switch will complain with the following log message. But you can use the service unsuported-transceiver command in the global context for allowing this unsupported transceiver.

By doing this cisco will execute the warning message and allow the transceiver. It will never show up in the  inventory output but will be operative.

So you have the option for using  various transceivers , but be very careful on what you  install in a SFP slot YMMV.

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