Sunday, July 26, 2015

FortiOS 5.2.4 problems

I had to downgrade back to build 670  due to weirdness with v5.2.4. My perfectly working  lab FWF60D start show heavy  disconnects. I also found numerous log messages  under Event> Systems  & at 2-5 mins  intervals similar to the below.

Looking at the alert it pertains to ipv6 RA-Advertisements, which is going to make me look more into the reason why. For my issues ; "  I couldn't even ping locally or remotely & in some cases I could not  access the  fortigate via SSH or HTTPS".

Another issues that was also precedent, the  3G modem that's my WAN uplink uses was not  being found. This was true even you execute a diag sys modem reset or unplugged and re-plugged the huawei 3G modem.

note: you can use the hidden fnsysctl command to  query the  proc usb  devices to validate

Next, I found out that unit had executed a reboot due to  my low  uptime  times. So something was crashing the unit, but I had no ideal as to what due to no syslog or other off-unit logging.

Typically, I almost never downgrade but in this case " I have no other choice ". The continual logs messages such as these and the poor performance on my-lab in home fortigate,  requires me to drop back to last known good  build v5.2.3 aka b670. 

 I will not continue on v5.2.4 until others in the community have taken some time to evaluate this build

Ken Felix
NSE ( Network Security Expert) and Route/Switching Engineer.
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  1. Do you happen to know when 5.2.4 is going to be released?
    Our 100Ds are throwing the following error that appears will be fixed in 5.2.4:
    "Invalid UTF-8 sequence length when decoding 'string'", Fortigate vpn is integrated with Express VPN

    1. Jack

      It is released. It's been out for the public for at least a week now. Give it a spin but I had to rollback after seeing various issues with both Wifi and my 3g huawei modem.

      Follow the fortinet forum for more information.

  2. Hi ,
    I am using 1240 b for firewall and vpn service and we are not enabled other features.Now running 5.0.7 with cpu usage 4 % and memory usage 55 %.Is it necessary for me to upgrade to latest version .Could you please advice a stable version .

  3. Wow, at that time Fortigate vpn was integrated with Express VPN.Express VPN is now regards as the top VPN.