Thursday, July 30, 2015

ipv6 address huawei firewall series

The huawei series of  firewalls supported  ipv6 within most  code versions. The Eudemon  have been very reliable for ipv6  inspection and filtering. Huawei is a major contender in the Asia market  ( China & Japan ) is one of the major consumer of ipv6 address usage.

To configure ipv6 on a firewall interface, you only need to enable the  ipv6 function and set a address. If you want to allow rt-adv for SLAAC clients,  you can specify  prefix(es) to be advertised.

Here's a few examples of various ipv6 interface configurations;

Single prefix with route-advertisement

Interface with numerous  ipv6 addresses

Interface with numerous  ipv6 with 2 prefixes RT-advertisements

Interface with numerous  ipv6 eui64 address

 ipv6  must be enabled globally & if not you will receive the following  error

Useful ipv6  display commands

display ipv6 routing-table
display ipv6 interface brief

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