Tuesday, July 21, 2015

6500 slot utilization tips ( show commands )

In this post we will look at  how to determine slot utilization %s. A cisco 6500 is a 40gbps per slot chassis depending on  numerous factors;

  >  cardtype
  >  chassis type
  > switch fabric
  > supervisor type
  > number of fabric channels supported per linecard

One simple means for gathering slot util% is to issue the show plat hardware capacity fabric

To validate the forwarding statistics you can use the following command ; show platform hardware  capacity forwarding

Even better yet we can use  the following ; show fabric utilization
You most likely need to know what card is in the slot and the channels available

show module x 
show fabric status x

Understanding the  supervisor type is always helpful. So wen reviewing potential bottlenecks, you have a host of commands for execution that can provide details to  per-slot performance numbers.

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