Monday, July 20, 2015

MACOSX MTU adjustment

Here's a quick howto adjust the interface MTU under MACOSX. Why you would adjust the interface depends on a alot of  reasons here's a few;

1> tunnel ( IPSEC/GRE/4in6/6in4/VXLAN/802.1q/QinQ/etc..)
2> other vpn methods like OpenVPN or SSLVPN
3> PPPoE over head
4> PMTUd failures 
5> reducing ip fragmentation
6> NIC tcp offload issues

1st, you want to gather the interface MTU size but this requires you to get a list of the network interfaces

Here, we will adjust the WiFi adapater;

As you can see, the interface is the set defacto 1500bytes. We will adjust the interface by using the setMTU command with a new value.

NOTE: beadvise the OS will prompt you for the admin user account similar to the below

And that's how easy it is for changing a mtu setting. Most  network interface allows you  to decrease the MTU size from the 1500bytes defacto setting, but rarely it will allow you to increase the interface MTU size.

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