Thursday, July 2, 2015

disktest fortiOS

If you suspect a bad disk, you now have the ability to use the diag disktest command under FortiOS to  validate the disk integrity

You can set the number , size, and cycles to run.

  SOC60D (global) # diag disktest dev 1
  Current Test Device: /dev/sda

  SOC60D (global) # diag disktest time 120
  Current Time Limit: 120 seconds

  SOC60D (global) # diag disktest size 2
  Current Size Limit: 2 MB

  SOC60D (global) # diag disktest run

The unit will run unlimited cycles,  unless you specify the  # of cycles using the following;

   diag disktest run <insert  # of cycles )

All tests will run  unless cancel  the test cycle early. It best to execute  this command during low usages. I never was able to  execute this against any  usb-thumb-drives.

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