Thursday, July 3, 2014

A followup to the GLC-T issues on cisco ASR1K ( support issues )

I 've received  a new order of  SFP-T and GLC-T transceivers. These all works in a ASR1K router runing  15.x code and
with no  issuance of the unsupported transceiver service commands. The also goes against cisco list of unsupported  transceivers listing.

These transceiver are cisco labeled and where purchased  from  NHR. The same outfit that sold of their  own  GLC-T that did NOT work,  if you recall my earlier posting about this;

And  here's the page for cisco supported transceiver by models

As you can see,  the transceiver is support and all interfaces are up , and we didn't have to use the hidden unsupported transceiver command

YMMV, as always following the mfg'er literature even if the literature and document is  incorrect. The Cisco Vendor sold us ASR1Ks with hardware  that's suppose to be not compliant but in actually it is.

Who's right or wrong ?

We will never know.

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