Monday, July 21, 2014

FAP28C followup

This is a followup on  the image upgrades within fortinet support site and the earlier identified  FAP28C problem

After playing around with this upgrade using  the fortiexplorer application, I figure heck why not try via the WebGUI. I quickly found out the following;

  1. The upgrade is rejected with a "invalid image" via the WebGUI
  2. The image was compared by checksum and matches the md5 hash
  3.  I re-downloaded the image a few times just for the heck of it
  4. a factoryreset made no difference

Here's some screen shots of this activities;

( The  md5 hash  comparison )

( FAP main page  WebGUI )

( the start of the upgrade )

( immediate error )

note:  The above upgrade process was done , both before and after a factory reset with no improvements

So it would seem like the  FortiEplorer is not corrupting file during the upgrade. I have a  email into fortinet support and a post on the support forum.

We will sit back and see what comes up. But using two methods for upgrading,  all ends in a disaster.  I have a few non-FAP28C models at some in-production site and  I'm very hesitate to upgrade these.

My FAP28C is in a demo lab btw, so these problems don't really effect me.

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