Monday, July 28, 2014

Getting free IPv6 experience by using a ipv6 tunnel-broker

In this post,  we will look at how easy for setuping a ipv6 connection by using a tunnel-broker such as ; Hurricane Electric.
ASN 6427
Hurricane Electric, LLC
760 Mission Court
Fremont, California 94539 

Hurricane Electric is the leader for tunnel-broker access and the easiest to apply and for creating a tunnel. You have a few others that you can google but  YMMV with ease and quickness of reply. A few with NOT allow you access out of the region of operation if your  have a RIPE/ARIN/etc... end-point.  Also HE is the quickest broker to apply and for creation of an IPv6 tunnel. They are by far the quickest for BGP peering and advertising  setup imho.

Here's a  listing of brokers;   YMMV

1st you need to create a free account and activate the account. You can do this online at the following url.

Once you have an account the next steps are select your tunnel preferences. After creation of the ipv6 tunnel type. The 1st timer will most likely use "regular" tunnel type.

You have  numerous choices from;  the name that  you give for your tunnel, HE peer'd tunnel server end-point address/location, etc...

Upon final completion you can have them provide you a based configuration, by selecting the example configuration tab. The below is a based cisco-ios configuration.

And here's a  Fortigate;

 NOTE: you can get configurations examples for  BSD, juniper, quite a few others;

Once you have the tunnel you can confirm via ping and or traceroute to a devices on  the Ipv6 BackBone for validation like one of Google Public ipv6 dns-servers.

note: if a cisco device, make sure you use the ping  ipv6 command specify the source address of the tunnel ipv6 addressing;

If you have your own ipv6 prefix assignment,  you can ask and request for routing for that assignment. You will need a LOA issued via the provider & a few other documents that you must present to hurricane-electric.

With a free tunnel-brokers like HE, you have no excuse for testing and trying the ipv6 & backbone b4 you migrate forward  with ipv6.

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