Tuesday, July 1, 2014

More fortinet fortios 5.2 GA upgrades-woes from soc puppets

This is a continuation from my earlier posting; http://socpuppet.blogspot.com/2014/06/fortinet-fortios-52-upgrades-woes.html

I found a few more issues.


The USB backups for both the  cmdline or even the  WebGUI fails.



It's very ironic that the hidden  fnsysctl commnd shows a mounted filesystem, and I can copy files to the mount point of /usb which is my usb drive.


The next problem, some firefox 30.0 browsers, can not access the unit from MACSOX via https. I've tested this  under 10.9.3,  which is not as effected & 10.8.4  seems more greatly effected. I only started to notice it, since socpuppets is a major macosx user. It's being reported for both FGT60D, FWF60D and FGT110C models. I haven't upgraded any of the 2U models yet.


We've  also seen a trend of slow pages load times & with regards to http or https operations. And when I say slow,  this is on a idled fortigate doing pretty much nothing. The pages load time could be 1-5secs delay. Mainly with the pages for  firewall policies and  address/addrgroups.

FWIW;  I held off upgrading any more  appliances until  the next 5.2 patched- build comes out.

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