Saturday, July 26, 2014

MACOSX desktop security summary AV scanner

In this blog I 'm referencing one the most popular MACOSX security firm "Intego". You can follow their blog at ;

Intego has been around for probably 7+ years now  and have been in the lime light for finding MACOSX specific threats. MACOSX is probably one of the most secured OSes, but it's not 100%  protected from AV/Trojan/Malware.

Also MACs with no AV/MALWARE detection software, can mistakenly transmit  a infected files to other OSes via everyday contact. ( emails, file-sharing, downloading unapproved applications, etc....). Just like with HIV,  you should check yourself to ensure your machine is not infecting others.

So it's best practices to install and maintain a AV/Malware protection program. Here's a list of a few vendors that supports  MACOSX


Key points to think about;

  •  macosx can be effective
  •  AV program should be installed
  •  you should keep you AV definitions up to date
  •  regular scans of folder, drives to include remote drives and disk/thumb-drives should be taken
  • there's no excuse for not having a AntiVirus installed 
  • you have few choices for free AV from trusted sources

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  1. I've used AVG anti-virus for many years, and I would recommend this product to you all.