Friday, June 13, 2014

unsupported-transceivers cisco

Here's something interesting, some Alcatel engineers had a  Alcatel SFP-T badge transceiver laying around, so I tried one in a cisco ASR9K, ASR1K and cisco 6509. It works in all devices tested.

This is very interesting that the finistar mfg'er transceivers works within  our cisco gear and even with it vendor labeled as  "Alcatel".  A similar  finistar SFP-T that looks almost 100% identical, did not btw.

Now cisco TAC and I'm sure Alcatel also will scream and cry about using some other mfg'er transceiver in their gear.

It's also surprise me that the problems I had with  NHR branded transceivers and the ASR1K


Now how much differences does finistar actually put into a cisco, alcatel, etc... transceiver is questionable?

Is this a ploy to make you buy from one "vendor-only"  even tho  that vendor does not actually make anything?   Yes, that's my belief btw

BTW; Here's the hardware inventory of our non-cisco transceiver manufactured for Alcatel by Finistar.

Now keep in mind that you must enable the hidden command to allow for unsupported transceivers.

IOS and IOS-XE  cmd = service unsupported-transceiver  from  global configuration

IOS-XR   cmd = transceiver permit pid all  from  within  each interface level configuration

NOTE: cisco will issue a warning such as;

Good luck with your unsupported transceivers. This term seems like a oxymoron ;)

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