Tuesday, June 17, 2014

What language does your firewall speak? ( fortigate )

In this blog we will look at the  language support within the  fortigate  security appliance WebGUI.

Fortinet is why cool in that they realize the word speaks more than one language. Here's the  language support as of 5.2 FortiOS

Not bad :)   

Okay so let's look at some of the landing page after the initial  logon;




Chinese-Traditional ( btw their's no such thing as chinese )



So  there you have it. Almost all of the top international languages  are supported in a fortigate firewall.  This is a key selling point if you are a international business imho. Or if  you work in a environment that's multi-lingo.

I 'm consulting currently in a mix environment where over 5 languages are spoken on a day-2-day basis. Spanish & French and English being the top 3 and a few speakers from China. A multi-lingo firewall is a must and Fortinet would really shine if they could suppor language selection per administrator user account or profile.

They do  have a guest-user support and with multiple languages support. I will post about this, &  on my next posting.

One other sore spot, the fortigates don't seem to be to speedy when using a language that's not the default of  "English". Page loading times are noticeably slower. This might be due to the oddness of the language and graphic that needs to be displayed.

So what language do you speak ? Entonces, qué idioma habla?  qu'est-ce que vous parlez?

Ken Felix
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Ken Felix
Freelance Network/Security Engineer
kfelix  -----a----t---- Socpuppets ---dot---com

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