Saturday, June 14, 2014

Fortinet FortiOS 5.2.0

Will two  things for  this day. 1st it's my birthday and 2nd Fortinet gave me a present by releasing the new code .

The code for the fortigate firewall are available to partners and customers with support contracts;

As usually, read  the release notes;

Read  any CSB announcements;

Pay attention to the following;
  •  upgrade/downgrade path migration
  •  new features
  •  hardware dependency
  •  special notes or known issues

Download the code for the exact model of your firewall device.

Before execution of the upgrade, it's my advice and recommendation to backup the configuration file ( unencrypted ) to a local PC and/or USB device

Start your upgrade and sit back and enjoy a cup of joe ;)

Ken Felix
Network & Security Engineer
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