Wednesday, August 6, 2014

More 5.2GA woes

Here's something in 5.2GA that a lot person are complaining about. Disk logging has been eliminated from most  SMB models. Here's a snippet from the release notes;

Okay that includes pretty much every  fortigate mode from a  20 to 100.   Now here's the funny part, they installed a disk for  most of these models, but you can't even use it.

So that's a waste of a 16GB SSD disk imho

So what I found very funny and strange; "the execute disk format command" still exists. And when you execute it; "the units hangs & requires a hard reboot"

Here's some screen shot of a FWF60D

And here's what the  fnsysctl output shows me

And  here's the execution of the format command

Upon execution of the above, the unit will halt & requires a hard power-cycle to recover. I really wish disk logging would come back and if they are going to eliminate it, they should eliminate the disk and the commands from the OS.

You can follow my  previous posting on 5.2GA woes here;

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