Thursday, August 7, 2014

Using ip sla and eem for tracking a route

In ths post we will  look at a means for tracking a default route learned by ospf and generation of a syslog alert for when  the route disappears

The cisco EEM and IP SLA are being together to clear our route-table. In the core network, we have 2 exits one path being preferred by ospf-metrics

1st we write a simple IP SLA ,  this is the heart of our check ;

ip sla 200
 frequency 3
 timeout 600
 threshold 100


Next we active it & set a track ;

ip sla schedule 200 start-time now life forever
track  200 ip sla 200

Finally we build a  cisco eem applet that will generates a log msg if the gateway is lost;

event manager applet Default_Gone
 event track 200 state any
 action 1.0 syslog msg "ping to outside gw has died, ospf-neighbor is probably gone or down"

You can use other  action  items like reset the router ospf or clear ospf neighbor or install  another path route.

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