Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Meraki MX60W vrs Fortigate FWF60D

I'm a proud new owner of a MX60W model from Meraki.

I won  this device in a rally-auction and would like to compare it to a fortigate  FWW60D wireless model. Now keep in mind; "  the cheaper and low performing fortigates like a;  30 or 40 models, also out does the  Meraki MX60 "

I put together a table of comparative features that you might want to consider b4 buying one
 ( MX60 ).  I think your money could be better spent on a fortigate and you will gain a lot more

Now on the bright side of things, the reporting from the meraki is very superior. Actually it's superior to a fortigate imho.

Application awareness and fingerprinting looks very nice also. I hate that you need  a license to get any of these  features, but this is how cisco makes money.

With the low power usage and noise generation, this series of firewall is geared for installation  a sale kiosk inside of a mall or small storefront.

The pricing make the devices afford for most business, but you can do way better & cheaper with a sonicwall for example. Some of the features  might be over-kill for a soho or small-business

Who really need  IPS in a SOHO, or most advance security features?

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Security and Network  Engineer
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