Thursday, August 14, 2014

gTLD becomes more commercialized

If you haven't been keep up with the new gTLD domains here's a list of some of the new ones;

These new domains allow for more commercialization and add fire to the already heavy used com edu mil org net gTLDs. One of the the new gTLD that strike me was YANDEX. Yes you can have a

domain.YANDEX as a domain.

Why this will become a problem now or later;

1: email  security is not expose to multiple of more forged email domains

2: email filters might need to be improved on

3: web security filters and proxies might have a problem with increased characters right of the last dot

4: previous un-registered 1st levels can cause confusion in orgs that decided a long time back to use t hese in there naming schema.( corp, inc, etc.....)

On the plus side, the commercial impact can now be increased by the hundreds to thousands of dollars. Take my birth state and the following  gTLD "cooking".

note: 8,500 usd for a domain,  and with one-year  registration is ridiculously high imho

Keep in mind, that not all domain-names are available within the new gTLDs.


The bottom line, these new domains are about making money. Per internic each registar can charge what they want.

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