Friday, August 22, 2014

A cool openssl tip for file hash checking

How many times have  you seen download files hash check files on a website ?

How many times have  you seen a sha1 or rmd160 hash ?

and you didn't have a native unix tool for comparing the values?

Did you know that openssl  has the means for displaying common and not so common hash types?

Okay here's me check a md5, and sha1 hash of a tarball file;

and one of other favorite rmd160 of  the same tarball ;

So if you don't have a md5 , sha1 or rmd160 program but have openssl installed, you can use openssl for hash comparisons.

note: MACOSX 10.9.X does not have a  sha1 or rmd160 hash binary available natively , but openssl is pre-installed

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  1. Good tips, what about openssl vpn app like pure vpn, does they worked on same procedures?

  2. Thanks, I don't know any thing about purevpn and this post is about crypto hash validation using openssl. PureVPN is a vpn solution provider.