Wednesday, February 11, 2015

The ruination for cisco ASA5558-X again with sot#1

My slot #1 for the  ASA 5558-X firewall, what a disaster!

Cisco sent me the new card. This encompass the  IPS and upper ports known as Gi1/X  and TenGige1/X

A power down  insertion of the new card did not come up upon reboot. In fact a lot of things did not come up from; the failover link, interfaces and detection for failover link by the failover standby peer

So back to cisco  & why my IPS-module reload and why  upper ports on  this chassis  goes down  with no warning and requires a reboot or power down/reset for slot#1. Also the million down  mystery ; "is it by design that shutdown of module one is suppose to shutdown the ports on that card " my case engineer is investigating that.

To refresh, read the following;

I'm sure ciscoTAC will make it all right  in the end. Friends shouldn't  let friends buy a cisco ASA

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