Sunday, February 1, 2015

Alternative means for gaining access to Sonus SBC 5110 cli of the console for ConnexIP

Here's alternative  means for gaining access to the  "ConnexIP linux" console cli. You can gain  attempt to use the KVM over IP via the BMC or even use the  serial console interface on the chassis, just be aware that interface settings is 115200, N, 8, 1

But an alternative is to ssh into the BMC as root or any other local bmc account and issues a "solssh" cmd.

e.g ( solssh )

The 2nd alternative is to  ssh into the EMA cli access and use the "unhide  debug" cmd with the password "sonus1" followed by a "dsh" cmd to gain an active shell.

You will still be prompt for the user linuxadmin  password  after after the execution of the dsh command this password by default is "sonus"

e.g ( using unhide debug )

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