Wednesday, February 11, 2015

9.3.2 woes ( scp copy erros and memory issues )

Will the cisco ASA software 9.3.2 has been surprising okay,  but when it has problems it has problems;

1st up  scp copy a file does not complete, but the status shows it was copied. But the target has no file whatsoever.

NOTE: ftp attempts from off the unit completely failed 

2nd,  another  ASA 5558-X decide to start dropping pings and traffics and then I notice in the logs the following errors;

I've been issuing a lot of { show tech-support  file disk0:MYDUMP_FILENAMEt  detail } commands lately. This is no the norm for the cisco ASA .

For now my  boot variables are ALL going back to the following;

BOOT variable = disk0:/asa931-smp-k8.bin;disk0:/asa922-4-smp-k8.bin
Current BOOT variable = disk0:/asa931-smp-k8.bin;disk0:/asa922-4-smp-k8.bin
CONFIG_FILE variable =
Current CONFIG_FILE variable =

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