Sunday, February 1, 2015

cisco ASA 5558-X slot0 and slot1 ( beware )

I learned something interesting about the  cisco ASA 5558-X chassis & that I thought was interesting;

Please reference this image from cisco website of a typical 5558-X chassis.

The hw-module slot1 which encompass the  IPS  also carries the GIGE interfaces gi 1/0-7 and the 10GIGE interfaces as well 1/8-9.

Shutting down the hw-module slot1 will  "DROP" all interfaces in slot1 and not just the  IPS modules.

Take a look at these show outputs;

And the available hardware module commands

1: So the meer issuing of a hw-module #1 shutdown, actually shutdown the  whole slot1 and NOT just the IPS

2: A issuing of a hw-module #1 reload, will not disturb any GIGE interfaces on slot#1

I found this interesting while diagnostic and debugging a  buggy IPS module. I have a case open with TAC over these issues. They are looking into it a trying to determine if this is normal behavior.

I found it funny cisco won't let you shutdown slot#0, but  they allow slot#1 , and it will bring all interfaces on that slot down including the IPS module that I was trying to trouble shoot.

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