Wednesday, September 2, 2015

How to build secondaries address on a Huawei firewall

In this example we will explore how to build secondaries on the huawei  firewall.

The option of sub after the  define ipv4  address provides us the secondaries options.



I haven't found any literature of the maximum numbers of  secondaries that you can craft.   I'm sure a limitation exists on the max numbers.

Juniper SRX    (  support for secondaries exists per-interface,  limits are set JunOS version and possible hardware platform model-type )

Cisco ASA      ( no support for secondaries per-interface )

Fortinet Fortigate          ( max 32 secondaries address per-interfaces )

If you should use secondaries be very carefully and be aware of the limits such as dhcp issues or lack of dhcp-scopes for secondaries.

" In a newly designed network,  there's no need for secondaries interfaces or if you need it, your design is probably bad or should be reviewed for possible other designs constraints "


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