Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Forticlient 5.2.4 macosx

I did a complete uninstall and re-install restore for the new MACOSX 5.2.4 forticlient.

Here's the steps that where taken;

1st make a backup  ( encrypted was done here with a passcode )

2nd  remove  old installation

3rd download the new dmg pkg

make sure to check the md5 sum

4th execute the installation process

Finally,  upgrade the AV-database and restore the cfg using the previously made backup

the 1st thing I notice over a period of 3-6 day use, and by comparison , ALL of my sslvpn connections profiles are slow to startup.

    We found if you try to add more than 4 new profile they where not be accepted even after a stop and restart  ( shutdown ) of the new forti_client. We had to end rebooting  the system. This happen on more than 2 machines

Ken Felix
NSE ( Network Security Expert) and Route/Switching Engineer.
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