Thursday, September 3, 2015

AMS-IX internet exchange

A contact of mind that  works for one of  biggest tel-mobile operator in Amsterdam,  invited me out to AMS-IX to speak about some technical issues they where seeing.

This is one of the biggest  internet exchange in  the WEST-EU region if not all of the EU. I've done a lot of remote stuff here, but never  been to it much less to Amsterdam.

1st off the road trip was very easily to under take. A simple   "tram" to the  Rembrandt Square aka  Rembrandtplein in dutch, was taken.

The folk at AMS-IX where pretty sharp and impressive.  I 've also visited a few other interesting sites out in this area that I would like to high light;

   katten kabinet
   foam fotography museum
   cafe barney

The latter is a cool hip coffee shop that plays some funky music. I've been to this joint like 4 times now  & for the 5 nights  that I was in Amsterdam. They have a more busier cafeshop that I was told of by the wait staff. 

A doble-espresso with redbull wil run you about 8 euros, ask for  the wifi-secret for thompson and they will provide it.

The Cat/Chat cabinet is a great place if your into cat stuff ( cards, pictures, posters, etc,...) It was raining when I ran out to that location, but I had a great time looking at the exhibits regardless.

Foam, had a lot of older series of photography if your into B&W and medium/large format. I was very impress after researching  the works of UK/Ghanian photographer James Barnor who did a lot of work for The "Drum Magazine" and many more.

The AMS_IX is fully ipv6 enabled,  but ipv6 traffic is quite low between the major providers and the general mobile carriers in general. In short " the  Netherlands has been ipv6 enabled for a while " but the general interest within the ISP/SP/Movil-Operators  arena  has been very low.

( a few cool information on the ams-ix

Here's a few fotos taken along  the way;

Just bring some euros, a good set of  walking shoes, umbrella and go explore the city of Amsterdam. You probably will find out you need like 2-3 weeks to see the city. Heck the city center and just the redlight district could be 1 week alone.

get the 24hours tram card if you planing on going around to more than 2 sites, it's only 7.50 euros, & don't waste your time on the 1hour card imho

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