Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Strange Behavior w/ ssh and cisco ASA 5558-x

I was playing around with some  scripting & trying to execute remote commands against a cisco ASA and found the following behavior.

  • it seems like you can't execute remote commands via ssh

  • if you apply any validate asa cmds the cmd will always fail regardless

  • the execution of remote commands against the appliance , will drop you in the non-enable mode prompt

  • if you than enter enable mode, your password would be echo on screen

Check this screenshot out when trying to execute a "ls"  and "curpriv"  against my  cisco ASA.

This behavior is not present with ciso IOS, IOS-XR , none of my juniperSRX or Fortigates firewalls. So  the ssh and remote shell execution seems to have a minor issue.

Have a happy 2015 and celebration from socpuppets!

Ken Felix
NSE ( network security expert) and Route/Switching Engineer
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  1. I think you should have to use observe the Firewall protection in your windows and related Operating system! Or reinstall the the Shell either your shell is not accepting the headers you writing.

  2. I don't think this is a shell issue, the behavior is the same across various platforms & known of these are windows btw. I will post a follow-up if and when I find something new.