Monday, December 22, 2014

ASA 9.3.2 upgrades whent smooth

I took the dip and upgraded a  Cisco ASA5558-X cluster to 9.3.2. This went smoothly and allowed me to test the backup command

The upgrade messages after upgrading one peer.

Now here's the backup in operation. It was quite simple to execute, just type "backup" and the context that you want to backup.

NOTE: this ASA cluster is running in multi-contexts

This created a file name <FW-name-context-date>.tar.gz  in the default disk0 storage analyzing the tarball shows the following files;

The file named "Version.Properties" is just a version file with a single line entry.

So that's it for  9.3.2 it was a simple upgrade from  9.3.1 and so far nothing looks out of ordinary. I will run the asdm later and look for any backup tools and options within the asdm. I believe I will need to check the asdm release for the latest asdm version.

I didn't do a restoral, the restore operation look simple also.

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