Tuesday, December 30, 2014

The last of the ASA have been push to asa9.32 and asdm7.3.2

I've upgraded the last of my ASA-5558 clusters and rolled  ASDM-732 out across all devices. I mainly want to explore any backup/restoral options in the ASDM interface and didn't find any.

I was hoping to find a config backup and restore button in the main asdmn interface and so far I have seen any. At one time  I remember a backup option as early as 8.04 or the 1st gen 9.x codes and the ASDMs that was out at that time.

The release notes show the backup/restore is still suppose to be in the ASDM, but I didn't immediately find it. I hardly ever use the asdm due to the cluttering of the Web Interface and items aren't arrange in a very good to find method.

note:  The asdm onboard "help"  shows backup suppose to be still available , but maybe in multi-context mode, we don't have this option

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