Friday, May 31, 2013

pfsense 2.1 rc woes with OpenBGPD

Will my ipv6-bgp  peering is halt for now, &  on my  pfSense 2.1rc vm instance. Arpnetworks has been great with providing  me the details  on my  peer setup  and diagnostics. What I found out that was quite interesting, they are using  OpenBGPd for my  upstream peer :)

You can find more about arpnetworks at this link; . The folks at arp network are "A" okay to deal with. So if you need low cost VPS hosting and support for BSD+linux, they are the go to outfit.

So on to the problem with my ipv6 bgp-peer ;

May 30 02:35:34 s3 bgpd[4327]: neighbor 2607:f2f8:xxx::2 (DRS): state change OpenConfirm -> Established, reason: KEEPALIVE message received
May 30 02:35:40 s3 bgpd[4327]: neighbor 2607:f2f8:xxx::2 (DRS): received notification: error in UPDATE message, attribute list error
May 30 02:35:40 s3 bgpd[4327]: neighbor 2607:f2f8:xxx::2 (DRS): state change Established -> Idle, reason: NOTIFICATION received

Notice the NOTIFICATION received? Here's a decode of the notification from a packet capture;

Border Gateway Protocol
        Marker: 16 bytes
        Length: 21 bytes
        Type: NOTIFICATION Message (3)
        Error code: UPDATE Message Error (3)
        Error subcode: Malformed Attribute List (1)

Okay, so now what ? 

Will you have to find the codes to try to figure out the issue. In this case we are looking at error#3 and subcode#1 (update)  "malformed attribute list"

You can use this site for BGP errors referencing;
(terse output )


 sub-code 1 ( update )

Okay, so we now known what's  the code. 

It's going to take me some time to go thru the  sub-code to look at what could be the root cause to my issue(s). These code are very generic as to what to adjust or check,  so you will probably have to play around and do some googling. Worst case, I will have to jump into the  pfSense forum and post a question.

This could be a mis-configuration or bug or something else going on.

Keep in mind the following; " Any time a BGP-NOTIFICATION comes in, it's typically a BGP Error and you session will always close "

You can using the following commands on cisco IOS, IOS-XR, pfSense, Junos to see if you ever received any notifications;


show bgp neighbor

 Message statistics:
    InQ depth is 0
    OutQ depth is 0
                         Sent       Rcvd
    Opens:                  1          1
    Notifications:          0          0
    Updates:             1175     193635
    Keepalives:        930840     806310
    Route Refresh:          3          5
    Total:             932019     999951
  Default minimum time between advertisement runs is 0 seconds


show bgp neighbor detail

 Message stats:
    InQ depth: 0, OutQ depth: 0
                    Last_Sent               Sent  Last_Rcvd               Rcvd
    Open:           May 31 21:20:59.997       15  May 31 21:21:00.044       14
    Notification:   May 31 21:00:46.271       10  ---                        0
    Update:         May 31 21:21:59.539        2  May 31 21:23:00.191   287160
    Keepalive:      Jun  1 04:08:00.496   165432  Jun  1 04:07:34.513   182000
    Route_Refresh:  ---                        0  ---                        0
    Total:                                165459                        469174
  Minimum time between advertisement runs is 30 secs


bgpctl show  neighbor MyUPLINKv6
( snip )
 Message statistics:
                  Sent       Received 
  Opens                    1          1
  Notifications            1          0
  Updates                  0       7863
  Keepalives               1          1
  Route Refresh            0          0
  Total                    3       7865

And finally Juniper;

show bgp neighbor
Last traffic (seconds): Received 357  Sent 357  Checked 357 
  Input messages:  Total 4 Updates 2  Refreshes 0  Octets 211
  Output messages: Total 4 Updates 1  Refreshes 0  Octets 147
  Output Queue[0]: 0
  Output Queue[1]: 0
  Trace options:  all

In the mean time, I took the time to cleaned up my cfg  and made my descriptions to reflect  v4 and v6 in the neighbor statements and deployed some simple BOGON/MARTIAN protection  within OpenBGPd using the proper syntax & lingo;


bgpctl show
Neighbor                   AS    MsgRcvd    MsgSent  OutQ Up/Down  State/PrfRcvd
MyUPLINKv6              25795          0          0     0 Never    Active
MyUPLINKv4              25795      16795         26     0 02:21:46  92914

The Cfg I'm using

 Hopefully I will figure out what's the issue & the why. So stay tuned. I've also upgraded to the latest snapshot.

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