Tuesday, May 14, 2013

CCIE RS schedulding

My luck using cisco CCIE lab payment or processing website is plain horrible. I never seen so may issues in something that should be so ........simple.

I was issued a voucher from my last attempt,  and  now that I'm ready to schedule, the  payment site provided no input for my voucher, and then no error code. It still acted like I  need to enter payment information like  such as a CreditCard.

My goal is to get back to RTP in July and take my 2nd attempt or is it my 2rd attempt ( my 2nd attempt back Jan was filled with technical issues in the t-shoot section )

My experience from that exam, has encourage me to do more personal  t-shoot labs and go over information with pertaining to troubleshooting, since that 1st 2hours is the most stressful part of the CCIE  lab.

I'm still trying to build a local group of CCIE/RS lab guys/gals that want to share  knowledge, craft some labs, and provide  pointers. But that hasn't been going to well in my efforts with getting good committed persons to join.

On this lab attempt, I'm going to try something different;

  • fly on a weekend like sat ( tentatively July 13 )
  • study full day  sunday @ hotel  & then  get a good nigh sleep
  • take my lab on monday ( get my number :) )
  • fly back Monday or Tuesday

On my 2nd attempt, I did NOT get any sleep,  even tho I've been b4 and knew what to expect. I think I hit the bed at 11:30ish and if I got more than 2hours of sleep, than I would be lying.

In my recent studies, I've placed more focus on the following;
  •  on layer2 MST, STP issues
  •  root-guard
  •  redistribution to/from EIGRP 
  •  PFRouting
  •  and other misc services ( ssh port # changes, ntp services, tac_plus cfg, GRE tunneling, ipv4  tunneling with ipv6 ,etc.......)

Trying to reduce any surprised that might come and nail the 3+ pt exhibits & get my  CCIE RS # :)

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Ken Felix
Freelance Network/Security Engineer
kfelix ---at--- hyperfeed --dot--- com

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