Friday, September 5, 2014

Curvature GLC ASR1K

Here's a continual diagnostics of the  GLC sfp from "Curvature" formerly NHR { network hardware reseller }.

I RMA some  transceivers from NHR that just flat out failed after less than  3 months of service. Curvature sent us new badge "curvature" transceivers for our copper 1GIGE connections. These transceivers are made to specs and are supported in the  cisco 2960S, 6500, ASR9K, 3750s.

Here's what I found, but b4 I continue, refresh your reading here;

You can find more information on curvature here;

First thing you will notice the copper 1gige SFPs are not listed on the above linked page of Curvature, which I found strange.

The new GLC-T-CURVE are seen in the ASR1K show hw-module output.

( screenshot1 & 2  cisco SFP-T on top and Curvature GLC-T on bottom )

( show inv output )

Per cisco documentation the GLC-T (cisco ) is not support on a  ASR1K but we found this to be incorrect and conflicting, since cisco sold us  ASR1002 with GLC-T that work.

Here's the  NHR and Curvature GLC-T  stacked alongside a cisco SFP-T-GE
( curvature are the bottom 2 )

I've tested these 2x  GLC-T under  the follow series of gear.

6509 = 15.X ( SUP2T )
ASR9010 =  4.2.3 ( transceiver permit pid all )
3750   = 12.2(50)SE5
2960S =  15.2(1)E2

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