Thursday, August 9, 2018

What's going in the forcepoint SMC

Socpuppets has been playing around with the latest  6.3.7  build from  Forcepoint.  Forcepoint as in the name has been around for less than  5 years  but the  parent stonesoft has been known for some time.

Improvement have been in the  various  software for the NGFW  and SMC components.

The installation of the SMC is one of the main items that needs to be done before you can manage any aspect of the  NGFW solution.

The SMC interface is managed by a management-client that is lite-weight and quick if the server resources are not tied up.

Forcepoint is making a strong march to be within  the top 5 for enterprise  NGFW   and  to compete  against the major players.

Other  newcomers  to look at are  huawei and sangfor.  Both of these  vendors cater mainly in the  Asia   and Africa markets.

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