Friday, August 10, 2018

Forcepoint NGFW TLS inspection review

Forcepoint NGFW supports both client and server side  TLS decryption. A few things to  be aware of when you compare it to other  systems like FortiOS and PANOS

1st:  You can't  use multiple client-side TLS decryption profiles at  the same time on the same firewall engine

2nd: You have to  set the  certificate issuer  CA-root cert as a trustedCA if you import a PKI-CA-cert into the  SMC

3rd:   they take a totally  different approach and define a certificate lifetime in duration for the MiTM forged certificate. This value seems to be defaulted to 120min regardless of the CA root life time value which defaults to  1 year

4th; you don't have  the means like in PANOS to opt-out of TLS inspection or provide a notice to the  end-user

And lastly, you have to use a HTTPS   with decryption service in the policy access.rule


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