Friday, August 10, 2018

sidewinder download alternative

Howto build a sidewinder 8.3 repository. This can be useful in a fenced environment &  where the  firewall has no internet access to the forcepoint download site.

1st you need to retrieves the pkgs from the real  sidewinder-download site and reconstruct the  site,  and ensure the pkglist.txt is present in your  serving directory.

In my setup I'm  using the lite  ftp-server ftpdmin. I’ve  only installed  the   packages for hotfix P10 and P11 in the  ftp user_directory . It probably best to  md5sum or sha1sum check the files  to ensure no  corruptiom.
 After you have set the base directory  and installed the package(s) and pkglist.txt you can change the sidewinder appliance to download the pkgs. This will allow the appliance to call out to the ftp-server and  download/install the pkgs.
You can monitor the ftpmin process to determine if any transfers exist or failures.

After the installation and reboot, you might have to wait for any aux-updates/upgrades for the console

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