Thursday, October 27, 2016

Fortianalyzer webgui access issues

The Fortinet Analyzer is a log-event collector and analyzer that allows for generating and monitoring for system related activities such as;

     traffic reports
     ipsec/ssl vpn reports
     admin & configuration reports
     system related event 
     log retentions

When it ( FAZ )  works,  it works great. When it give you problems it can become a big headache.  Here's a big problem under FAZ 5.4.1 that has came up now a few times.

1: symptoms; " you can login into the WebGUI,  but the GUI does not work"

2: ssh cli access seems okay btw


Okay nothing from the dig sys process show anything out of the ordinary. But upon a simple execute backup, we found the  filesystem read-only and the backup files.

So it looks like faze5.4.x OS is not reliable in a virtual appliance. So to get this appliance back up for  service,  we had to execute reboot from the cli.

After a reboot the unit is able to be backup and webgui access works.

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